Creating a Strong Connection to Place through Creativity, Nature Awareness and Appreciation.

In the woods, meadows, and streams of our beautiful Finger Lakes region, Earth Arts offers nature-based mentoring programs that connect children and adults to a deeper sense of self, community, and the Natural World.

Earth Arts Is…

Drinking fresh maple sap on an early Spring morning

Making lip balm from local plants in Summersunrays_forest

Building shelters with forest debris in Fall

Telling stories around a fire in Winter

Playing “Hawk and Chickadee” in any weather

Digging clay from a stream bank to make pots

Weaving baskets from grapevine and bittersweet

Making stone, wood, and steel tools for our forest packshomeschool

Adding a fairy house to Fairy Village

Filling the woods with song as we journey homeward

Knowing when the Seasons are changing because the birds tell us

Observing a hawk dive for its breakfast during Morning Circle

Experiencing an ancient connection when we call to and are answered by a distant pack of coyotes

Discovering common stories of our own lives in the tracks of local animalsbasket girl

Knowing we have Friends and Allies in Nature

Telling a story in a clay bowl

Writing a poem during Sit Spot

Drawing a Circle of Thanks with our words at the beginning and end of each day

What Parents And Children Tell Us About Earth Arts

Earth Arts is genuinely [my son’s] second family. He feels completely at home as a member of the Earth Arts community. Each mentor offers him their own rich experience from which to learn. When I drop him off or pick him up and observe free play time, it seems that all of the children feel connected with one another. [My son] enjoys both learning from others and sharing what he knows. The love, connection and learning that happens at Earth Arts is a heartfelt gift.  ~ Poppy, parent of 11 year old

The earth-based community of children gives my child a playful and connected second home to relax into. The spiritually skilled and practically wise leadership of the adults allows me to relax, too; I know my son is the patient hands of child-whisperers who adore the earth. I am grateful beyond measure for the web of Earth Arts. ~ Eric, parent of 9 year old

Earth art is awesome because you get to get really dirty, build forts and cook our dinner over a campfire. ~ MH age 11

Our children have done several EA programs in Danby and on Coddington Rd at various times of year. The staff are caring, creative, knowledgeable and find ways of helping children connect with nature in meaningful and imaginative ways. When we drop them off, we know they are in good hands. We are greeted at pick up time by enthusiastic stories about the day’s adventures which have brought them in closer connection to the natural world, to others and to themselves. They are always excited to return to EA again and again. ~  parent of a 9 year old

I really liked making a clay elephant. The clan leaders were really nice. ~ EM- age 6


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