COVID 19 Earth Arts changes for the 2020/2021 season

Since 1999, in the woods, meadows, and streams of our beautiful Finger Lakes region, Earth Arts has offered nature-based mentoring programs that connect children and adults to a deeper sense of self, community, and the Natural World. For the last 8 years, we have been running programs from a one room school house in Ellis Hollow (Lantern Program). We are no longer at this location, and for Fall/Winter 2020/21 will be running remote programs, (including a Wednesday group of Nature Nuts!), Tutoring and Homeschool consulting. Here are the Details!
~ Julie

Regarding my individualized virtual nature awareness programs

I see my role on these 1 on 1s as:

  • An adult in the child’s life that pays very close attention to their questions and interests.
  • A curious adult that has a very close relationship with the natural world and isn’t afraid to show it!
  • A person to “catch” a child’s stories, especially about some interaction in nature that they have had.
  • A model as someone that uses Nature connection as a way to bolster my physical and emotional well being.

To register, please contact Julie at (607) 279-4144 or email

Current Offerings:

Wednesday Nature Nuts!

A program for a group of young naturalists working together remotely with each other and with the Biggest Nut of all, Julie! I believe we can learn to return to our natural human blueprint, to form strong connections to self, each other and the Earth…….even on zoom calls….especially if Nature is the primary source of our passion and learning!

Who Is this Program For?

Ages 8 and up, interested in learning more about the natural area where they live. These naturalists should be willing and able to work on an individual project on their own during the day, with a group check in the morning, and a 1-on-1 session with Julie in the afternoon to check in on projects. This program will be limited to 6 participants.

Why this program, now?

To create a space for your child to connect with other young people that are passionate about learning more about the place in which they live. To learn from and be inspired by other’s projects during the group zoom call.


Wednesdays, 10am group zoom call where we will check in with each other, play some games, give Thanks, and update each other on our Nature Sightings of the week, and our current projects.
Wednesdays sometime between 1-7pm: an hour with Julie for a 1-on-1 zoom session. Your child will have access to Julie via email throughout week for questions and guidance. Asking for a seasonal commitment: Fall program runs Sept 23-Dec 16. Winter program begins Jan 6.

What will the Curriculum be?

We will have Academic Units, where we are all studying the same Topic, but different species at approximately the same time. Study could include: surveying and mapping of species on property, interviewing local experts about species, using field guides and internet sources, writing about a fictional character (or an animal/insect) and their interaction with your species, paintings/drawings/sculptures of your species, etc. We will be talking about our sit spots and observations, and it would be very helpful if the students had a sit spot practice! Students will be presenting their findings to the group when the project is completed on the group zoom call, and receive feedback from the group, before they move ahead to the next project. This presentation can look many ways, and I will work with each student and coach them on their presenting skills!


For the Fall program that runs Sept 23-Dec 16, 13 sessions, the cost is a Self Determined sliding scale of $212/month – $225/month.

One on One Nature Awareness Mentoring

Meet with your child, any age, Once per week via zoom – work on an environmental project of their choice. (Sliding scale $40-$55.)

Remote Tutoring – subject matter assistance

I’ve tutored math in the Ithaca community for years, and am open to other subject areas as well. (Sliding scale $45-$55/1 hour session.)

Home Schooling Coaching

With many years of teaching/mentoring, homeschooling and life under my belt, I would love to serve as a resource to this community! I will be offering Home school coaching for parents and An Educational Support Hub for private learning pods. Please contact me and let’s talk about what your needs are and how I can help you!

To register, please contact Julie at (607) 279-4144 or email

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