Lantern School Tuition Agreement

Earth Arts/Lantern Program
2018-2019 School Year

A. Cooperative and Tuition Agreement
Please read, sign, and return the following cooperative agreement on or before the first day of

We understand that parent participation at The Lantern Program is an essential component of the program and that the organization is committed to being a parent-run cooperative.

As members of The Lantern Program, we agree to the following:

1. We agree to accept the responsibility of our parent job, which will be determined by lottery at the first parent meeting in September.

2. We will accept responsibility for cleaning the schoolhouse 4 times per year, in accordance with the provided directions, between 2PM on Thursday and 8AM on Monday. It is our responsibility to check the Earth Arts calendar to see if there is a weekend workshop going on at the School House and clean around the times at which the workshop is held.

3. We will attend all required parent meetings, once every other month, starting in September.

4. We agree to participate in fundraising events, with the goal of raising approximately $3000 this school year.

5. Upon enrollment, we will make a non-refundable deposit of $100 per child to secure the enrollment slot. We agree to pay first and last month’s tuition by June 30th, minus the $100 deposit.

6. We will pay monthly installments toward the full year’s tuition. If we withdraw our child from the program before the school year has ended, we agree to continue to make monthly payments until such time as a student enrolls in our child’s place.

7. We understand that tuition is due the First day of each month for that upcoming month. We agree to pay a $10 late fee for any payments not received by the 10th of each month. We also agree to pay a late fee each time we are late picking up our child, and understand that we will be charged $1 for each minute we are late picking up our child after the 3:00 PM pick up time, unless prior arrangements have been made with the teachers.

8. If there is an insurmountable adjustment issue for our child within the month of September, we may withdraw our child with a refund of the last month’s tuition, minus the $100 non-refundable deposit.

Lantern School Tuition Agreement

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