Port Townsend, Washington and Beach Adventures

Discovery Bay, where we stayed for 2 weeks. The best part for me here was seeing the Otters, which i thought were sea otters, but were actually River Otters, almost daily. There were 2 of them and seemed to fish together. We saw one come on shore and run under a dock as well.

These white sand beaches here remind me of the story about Grandfather and the Fisherman, from Tom Brown Jr. Here’s a link to the story if you aren’t familiar with it!

The wise old man on the beach that i tried to waik to and visit daily.
Where’s Mark?

A great hike in this beautiful park. The Tamanowas Rock Sanctuary. In 2013, the rock was purchased with 62 acres of surrounding land by the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe for preservation, at the end of a series of loans and purchases by organizations including Washington State ParksBullitt Foundation and Jefferson Land Trust, that started in 2009.The land was added to an existing 22-acre purchase by the tribe. Prior to this, it was a rock climbing site, a practice which was ended when the S’Klallam Tribe took ownership.

This park is just one illustration of an observation that i have had out here. The native tribes are such a part of every day life here, fully integrated; unlike the East coast. I would not be feeling this so strongly, had it not been for our extended stay here. Everything feels different because of this fact………

Here’s another Where’s Mark picture….can you see him in the crack between the 2 rocks?
The caves above Mark’s head are big enough for humans!
Third Beach near La Push Washington. It really continues to amaze me that we can find beaches where we are the only humans on them. May it always be so…..

The bulging pockets (and bulging rental car) will be heading back east at some point….so many rocks and driftwood pieces and so little space in the car………

The morning after finally watching “My Octopus Teacher”, we found a dead Octopus! So of course we dissected it and looked closely at the beak! They naturally die after mating (males) and waiting for the eggs to hatch (females) so it makes sense to find these beached remains……

Sand Dollars

We found a spot on the beach, during low tide where there were So many sand dollars…….
AND. they Leave Tracks! who knew! Sort of like tracking a snail, now i know what to look for. several “hairs” on the bottom move them along the sand to their destination, slowly but surely.

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