Supporting Girls In Our Community: Training for Earth Arts Mentors

Support Girls In Our Community!

For more than ten years, Earth Arts has been bringing girls – and women – into the woods. Our alumni girls tell us how these programs have helped them transition to healthy womanhood. They say that Earth Arts connected them to nature and to themselves.

We think that supporting girls during the critical window of adolescence is important work, and we want to take it further for Ithaca-area girls and women.

Training For Earth Arts Mentors

With your support, Earth Arts Director/Mentor Julie Kulik and Mentor Simone Heartwood will attend a training with Lorene Wapotich. This special training is designed to help leaders become rite-of-passage leaders so they can learn more about welcoming girls into womanhood.

What Is Rite-of-Passage?

Lorene explains it like this: Some cultures still practice Earth-based rites of passage for girls, but here in America we’ve lost connection with such ceremonies. Instead, negative images and messages continually bombard girls and young women, making the process of forging a healthy identity difficult at best. Today’s adolescent girls need and deserve authentic rites of passage to affirm this important transition and their new status as women.

At the training, Julie and Simone will learn to create meaningful initiation ceremonies to empower the young women of our community.

They need our help with funds to cover the training and basic lodging at the event.

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